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Venue and travel

Travelling from to the venue (GA 04/187) from Bochum Central Station

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Due to construction work in the Duisburg rail hub during the easter vacations, most long-distance trains will be rerouted between Cologne or Düsseldorf and Dortmund. Trains will no longer stop at Düsseldorf Airport, Duisburg central, Mülheim (Ruhr) central and Oberhausen central stations. Some trains between Cologne or Düsseldorf and Essen or Dortmund will be canceled. To check whether the construction works affect your connection we recommend downloading and checking with the DB Navigator App or, alternatively, consult online timetable information under

You can search for the DB Navigator App in the Android and Apple App Stores or scan the QR codes below.



Travel by subway and bus

In addition, there are trackbed works on the direct subway connection from Bochum Central station to Ruhr University. The travel time from Bochum central to the workshop location including walking will be about 45 mins. Take the regular U35 connection in direction “Brenscheder Straße” from Bochum central subway station track 4 towards Ruhr-University until the stop Brenscheder Straße. To get to the subway station follow the blue U sign also shown in the map below. From there follow directions for U35 Ruhr-Universität.

For the remaining distance you need to take a rail replacement bus which travels between 07:00 am and 19:30 pm ~ every 10 mins. You can check individual connections times at

Just before the stop Brenscheder Straße, there is an announcement asking all passengers to leave the train for the buses. The stop for the rail replacement buses is directly opposite on the right on the other side of the street. The bus line is called U35E in direction “Hustadt/Ruhr-Universität”. Take the bus and exit at third stop “Bochum Ruhr-Universität“.

Take the stairs onto the bridge and head right towards Ruhr-University. Keep straight past the library “Universitätsbibliothek” and the further on towards the first building (yellow color accent) on the right-hand side. This is building GA. You will enter the building from the north, walk towards the back of the building, take the lift down to floor 04. The seminar room, GA 04/187, is located in the middle of the building. The directions are also marked on the last map below. Directions in the GA building will be signposted.

The way back is the same. Walk to the bus stop and look for platform 03.  The direction of travel of the U35E bus line is Brenschederstraße or Wiemelhausen / Brenschederstraße.

Travel with a taxi or Uber

Alternatively, you can take a taxi or Uber. To get to the taxis leave the central station main entrance and head left. A taxi will cost roughly 20€ for a single person, a Uber about 14€.